Rising Tide Chicago Digital Day of Action

On Wednesday, June 17th Rising Tide Chicago is organizing a digital action to show the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) that a doubling of the Dakota Access Pipeline in Illinois is not supported by people that live here. In this digital action, you’ll use your social media tools to tell the ICC to reject the proposal to double the capacity of this pipeline.

This project, if approved, would have a significant impact on emissions. Dr. James Hansen testified in this DAPL case saying “The emissions at stake are not trivial. By my quick calculation, the additional crude at issue, once burned as intended, will emit ~ 97 mmt CO2-eq/year. And my calculation may be conservative. That is roughly equal to the emissions from fifteen 1,000-megawatt coal plants, or 20 million cars.”

Please join the action by registering here. Remember to ‘RSVP on Action Network’ in the Details section to receive a detailed action toolkit from event planners.

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