The False Promise of Carbon Capture

Too much carbon dioxide in the air? Take it out.
Technology got us into this? Technology can get us out.

We think not. Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a false solution. It allows the fossil fuel industry to continue to profit at our expense. When you consider the additional energy required throughout the process, it’s clear that the technology – end to end – emits more carbon dioxide than it removes from the atmosphere, especially when used for “enhanced oil recovery” (EOR), and it is not profitable without subsidies.


Carbon Sequestration threatens the Mohamet Aquifer

July 16, 2024


Courtesy of Eco-Justice Collaborative

Allies announce CO2 website resources

Food & Water Watch

May 15, 2024

Last Thursday, the EPA announced new rules that, rather than regulate greenhouse gasses, incentivize carbon capture at power plants. The problem — carbon capture is costly, has a track record of failure, and will only extend our reliance on fossil fuels.

It’s no wonder that big fossil fuel corporations have been lobbying for federal money for carbon capture for years!

Carbon capture creates more emissions than it captures. Fossil fuel corporations use most captured carbon dioxide for more fracking, which wastes taxpayer dollars!

Simply put, carbon capture is a lifeline for the fossil fuel industry. Check out your one-stop shop for information about carbon capture.

Our new interactive website exposes the lies behind the carbon capture myth, presents detailed research and up-to-date news, and provides opportunities for people to fight back and take action for real climate solutions.

It’s time for all of us to raise our voices and stop this scam. The only real solution to the climate crisis is to stop using fossil fuels.Visit our interactive Carbon Capture Scam website and share it with your friends, family, and community!

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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Facts

The purpose of this website is to provide an independent perspective on “carbon capture and storage” (CCS). The site provides verifiable facts and peer-reviewed studies, many of which refute misleading information about CCS that is being promoted by pipeline and fossil-fuel corporations and their supporters.