CCS Projects in the news

May, 2023

Galesburg mayor, McDonough County farmer push for carbon pipeline regulations

Environmental Advocates and Landowners Sound the Alarm that Carbon Capture and Storage Sequestration Regulations Are Needed Now

Environmentalists push carbon capture regulation at Capitol

April, 2023

Naked land grab or a boon to the environment? Proposed ‘carbon-capture’ pipelines across central Illinois trouble land owners

State lawmakers consider carbon capture regulations

Firm wants to expedite pipeline permit

A pause on the pipeline

Illinois lawmakers, advocates consider future of carbon capture storage

Carbon capture technology draws the attention of lawmakers, environmental advocates

Illinois lawmakers, industry, environmentalists and citizens debate CO2 pipelines

Zoning committee approves continued moratorium carbon dioxide pipelines

February, 2023

Temporary halt for proposed CO2 pipeline through Illinois

Citizens continue opposition to CO2 pipeline proposed through central Illinois

March, 2022

3/28/22 – Iowa CO2 Pipeline Opponents Plan Hearing on Eminent Domain

3/24/22 –

3/16/22 – Iowa lawmaker Bobby Kaufmann’s Bill Seeks to Delay Carbon Pipelines

3/15/22 –

3/08/22 – US Midwest Carbon Pipeline Has Secured Less Than 2% of Key Iowa Route

3/04/22 – Politics, legislative action play a part in Summit Carbon Solutions’ pipeline proposal

3/02/22 – Opinion: Iowa, let’s get back to our roots with a better way to capture carbon

3/03/22 – Governors tout importance of carbon capture as Summit Carbon Solutions…

2/23/22 – N. America’s old pipelines seek new life moving carbon in climate push

2/15/22 – Iowa Senate panel advances bill to limit eminent domain for carbon and other pipelines

2/14/22 – U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds

2/08/22 – Bill to give tax breaks to carbon capture facilities runs into opposition

Confronting the Myth of Carbon-Free Fossil Fuels: Why Carbon Capture Is Not a Climate Solution (Jul 2021)

1/25/22 – Good money after bad, the U.S. continues investing in failed ‘carbon capture’ technology

1/26/22 – RadioIowa: Governor’s revised bid to boost E15 sales to be debated by House panel

1/25/22 – Floyd County residents raise concerns over carbon pipeline

1/24/22 – Earthquakes. Drought. Geysers. Permian Oilfield Water Woes Pile up in West Texas

1/22/22 – Solar Much More Efficient Use of Land vs Ethanol

1/20/22 – Hancock Co Farm Bureau urges caution on pipeline access

1/11/22 – IA Representative drafting law to apply to IA carbon pipeline projects

1/11/22 – ADM to build CO2 carbon capture pipeline

1/11/22 – Opinion: CO2 pipelines are ‘pie in the sky’ projects

1/05/22 – Plymouth Co. Supervisors against eminent domain for CO2 pipelines

12/14/21 – Story Co. Supervisors oppose eminent domain for CO2 pipelines

12/09/21 – Midwest pipeline fights on future of fossil fuels

8/16/21 – Philadelphia Inquirer opinion: carbon capture technology won’t work