Keystone XL Decision nullifies water-crossing permit

A District Court judge in Montana refused to narrow his April ruling that effectively nullified all water crossing permits (referred to as Nationwide Permit 12) for pipelines. This ruling doesn’t directly block construction but prohibits dredging work until further environmental reviews are completed.

This ruling represents a welcome, although tenuous, victory.Yet we know that construction at the border with Canada is almost complete. And building of housing along the route for workers (man camps) has begun, even as the threat of the coronavirus pandemics has brought most activity to a halt.

Indigenous peoples representing four tribes from across the pipeline route made a digital banner while sheltering in place to send to the Governors who have the power to stop construction: “Not Today. Not Tomorrow. Not Ever. No KXL. MniWiconi.” Please share.

And Sign the Petition: Cancel KXL Pipeline Activity due to Coronavirus Health Threat

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