Great Lakes Governors Letter supporting strong 401 Clean Water Act permit

Five Great Lakes governors wrote a letter this week to President Donald Trump’s administration opposing an executive order that eases energy regulations that also alters the Clean Water Act, making it easier to approve pipeline projects.

The governors wrote that it is their “duty to safeguard the Great Lakes and other waters within their boundaries. State authority to certify, revoke, or revise federal permits of discharges into waters of the United States per Section 401 is crucial to the Clean Water Act’s framework of cooperative federalism. This authority allows states to maintain state water quality with respect to activities associated with federally permitted discharges.” (

If your governor signed on, please thank them. If they didn’t, ask them why not.

16 states’ Attorneys General take action

A coalition of state attorneys took aim at the Trump administration’s efforts to limit states’ ability to block Clean Water Act approvals for pipelines and other projects. (

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