Hi, I love LBMs!

by Sandra Kaptain, EGG350.org I would like to share again my ‘love of dirt’—aka SOIL. Hard to say where this first started-growing up in a Michigan neighborhood that had farms, including my grandfathers small veggie farm, or gardening with Mom, and of course, before this, my sister and I doing our ‘baking’ with our sandy,… More Hi, I love LBMs!

Hi, I love dirt!

by Sandra Kaptain, EGG350.org As a SOIL member who grew up in MI across the street from my grandfather’s fruit and veggie farm and as a girl who grew up hiking in nearby woods that belonged to another farm/woods owner, and as a person who spent many hours sledding down hills on that farm, I… More Hi, I love dirt!

Our Beautiful Land

by Paul Berland The land in the Midwestern section of the United States of America is a truly beautiful and sacred land.  There are many beautiful trees and wildlife that roam through this land: in my neck of the wood there are skunks, racoons, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, of course mosquitos, many beautiful birds with… More Our Beautiful Land