Shut Down DAPL

The future of the Dakota Access Pipeline hangs by a thread after a federal judge ruled that that the Army Corps of Engineers violated key environmental laws in its permitting of the pipeline. Oil continues to flow even after the court threw out the permit for the pipeline. Let the incoming Biden administration know that… More Shut Down DAPL

DAPL Easement under Lake Oahe vacated; shut down ordered!

The Dakota Access pipeline must shut down by Aug. 5, a district court ruled Monday in a stunning defeat for the Trump administration and the oil industry. We at SOIL are so grateful for the continued efforts of every individual and organization to fight the continued expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and the trampling of… More DAPL Easement under Lake Oahe vacated; shut down ordered!

DAPL Expansion No Longer Needed

As oil prices struggle to rebound and crude oil inventories are high, Energy Transfer, owner of the Dakota Access Pipeline, is invoking ‘force majeure’ to prevent shippers from defaulting on contracts to ship through the expanded Dakota Access Pipeline.   The force majeure clause in shipper contracts provides a temporary reprieve to Dakota Access from performing… More DAPL Expansion No Longer Needed