Love Water, Not Oil! No Pipelines. No Fracking.

  By Charlie Ryan, SOIL Secretary and Paul Berland, SOIL Board Member On Saturday, September 30, 2017, a clear, crisp, sunny Indiana morning, three members of SOIL joined 70 concerned citizens organized by 350 Indiana-Calumet to ‘Walk the Line’.  We hiked the 10K route that follows one of Enbridge Corporation’s pipelines that carries oil sands… More Love Water, Not Oil! No Pipelines. No Fracking.

Hi, I love LBMs!

by Sandra Kaptain, I would like to share again my ‘love of dirt’—aka SOIL. Hard to say where this first started-growing up in a Michigan neighborhood that had farms, including my grandfathers small veggie farm, or gardening with Mom, and of course, before this, my sister and I doing our ‘baking’ with our sandy,… More Hi, I love LBMs!

Hi, I love dirt!

by Sandra Kaptain, As a SOIL member who grew up in MI across the street from my grandfather’s fruit and veggie farm and as a girl who grew up hiking in nearby woods that belonged to another farm/woods owner, and as a person who spent many hours sledding down hills on that farm, I… More Hi, I love dirt!

Our Beautiful Land

by Paul Berland The land in the Midwestern section of the United States of America is a truly beautiful and sacred land.  There are many beautiful trees and wildlife that roam through this land: in my neck of the wood there are skunks, racoons, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, of course mosquitos, many beautiful birds with… More Our Beautiful Land