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IL House to consider future of Carbon Capture April 24

Please file a witness slip in support of HB3119 before 11AM on April 24. (Instructions below.)

The subject matter hearing on Carbon Capture (CCUS) that we have been waiting for will be this coming Monday, April 24. A joint meeting of the Illinois House Energy and Environment and Public Utilities committees starts at 11:00 a.m. CST. You can tune into the hearing at the Illinois General Assembly ( in a virtual hearing room TBA.

Supporters of HB3119, the Carbon Dioxide Transport and Storage Protections Act, will underscore key bill components:

  • shields the state from financial risk
  • protects landowners’ rights by eliminating eminent domain and forced acquisition of pore space (underground) rights
  • requires a life-cycle analysis, showing that a project is net-carbon negative
  • bans use of captured CO2 for enhanced oil recovery
  • helps Illinois achieve its climate goals

You can download the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition’s Fact Sheet here.

To learn more, visit the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines here.

Please file a witness slip in SUPPORT of HB 3119 by clicking here.

Witness slip instructions

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Complete the witness slip.

The link above takes you to the Public Utilities Committee hearing details page. To file a witness slip, click on the Create Witness Slip button in the committee meeting description.

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  1. I. Identification = complete your info. For “Firm/Agency” just put “Self.”
  2. II. Representation = “Self.”
  3. III. POSITION = Several bills are included in this hearing. Please OPPOSE (Opponent) HB2202 and SUPPORT (Proponent) HB3119.
    • Select Subject Matter from the dropdown, then click the Position.
  • You can submit your position on both bills at once by first completing your position on one bill, then click the Add Position button to complete the second.
  1. IV. TESTIMONY = Record of Appearance ONLY
  2. Check the box at the bottom “I agree to the Terms of the Agreement.” (Not displayed if you’ve created an account)
  3. Click the “Create(Slip)” button.

Join the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines 

The Navigator CO2 pipeline, dubbed “Heartland Greenway,” will transport CO2 from ethanol plants across the Midwest. Injection wells will pump the CO2 underground in south central Illinois.

Local organizations, landowners and community members are joining together to oppose this pipeline. They are concerned about the environmental, economic, and health hazards of CO2 pipelines and carbon capture and sequestration in Illinois.

Our allies at the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines are launching on-the-ground organizing activities and educational webinars with local and national experts available to answer questions.

  • Are you a landowner or community member in the path of the Navigator CO2 pipeline?
  • Are you concerned about the use of eminent domain for private gain?
  • Do you think calling this pipeline “Heartland Greenway” is green-washing?
  • Why should landowners, farmers and community members take all the risks of living near a CO2 pipeline while Navigator gets all the profits?

You can learn more about this growing organization and sign up for their mailing list on their website .

Until all your questions are answered, don’t sign a voluntary easement agreement with Navigator CO2 Ventures.