Stop DOE from backing carbon-emitting projects

Representatives Ilhan Omar and Pramila Jayapal have sponsored an amendment that keeps the Department of Energy from offering loan guarantees to any project that doesn’t avoid or mitigate carbon emissions.  Please contact your House Rep and ask them to support the Omar-Jayapal Amendment – Amendment 105 in Rule II on HR 2740.

If you don’t know your representative’s phone number, you can find it here: Here are short and long sample scripts:

Short version: “I urge you to support the Omar-Jayapal amendment 105 in Rule 2 on HR 2740. We need more renewable energy, not more fossil fuels.”

Long version: “I’m a constituent and I’m calling to ask Representative [insert rep name here] to support the Omar-Jayapal amendment 105 in Rule 2 on HR 2740. We have little time to stop the worst of the climate crisis, and the federal government should not be giving handouts to the fossil fuel industry. We should be investing in clean energy, not fracking and plastics.”

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