Save Our Illinois Land

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Land

Our long-term goal is to halt permitting and expansion
of oil and gas pipeline infrastructure in Illinois
and to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
Our immediate target is the Line 61 ‘twin’ (Line 66).
Enbridge has begun initial surveying activities in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Monitor the approval process


Wisconsin Safe Energy Alliance (WiSE) and 80 Feet is Enough! launch landowner video series

September, 2018

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Enbridge’s Oil Spill Insurance Inadequate for Line 3 and Mainline System

The flaws in the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC’s) decision to approve the new Enbridge Line 3 crude oil pipeline are becoming more and more apparent. The latest is the PUC buying into Enbridge’s last-minute promise to have adequate insurance to cover a major oil spill.

According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Enbridge’s oil spill insurance coverage is not only inadequate for a new Line 3, it appears inadequate for Enbridge’s entire mainline system through northern Minnesota.

WiSE and 80 Feet is Enough launch landowner video series
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